COII Markers

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Phylogenetic ML tree based on the mitochondrial COII gene of Anisakis created as the consensus from 2 trees reconstructed using ML method of phylogenetic reconstruction and the GTR+I+G evolutionary model. This tree was used for selection of A. simplex. s.s., A. pegreffi and hybrid individuals (indicated with red asterisks) for RNA extraction and transcriptome sequencing and analysis. Numbers above branches correspond to bootstrap support for nodes provided by the ML tree. Numbers below branches correspond to posterior probabilities (BPP) obtained from an alternative phylogenetic reconstruction analysis performed using bayesian inference as a method of phylogenetic reconstruction. The tree is interactive. By clicking on each sequence name, an access to the corresponding COII sequence is given. The tree also provides a link to the multiple alignment of COII genes used to infer the ML tree. COII sequences can also be consulted using the blast section or downloaded at the FTP site.